Estate Planning Law: Online Marketing vs. Word of Mouth

Okay, so that title is intentionally misleading. There is no "vs." when it comes to a complete plan for building and growing a successful estate planning law practice. But we've singled out estate planning today for a reason: estate planning law is one area of legal practice that draws heavily on traditional, on-the-ground marketing efforts. Or, perhaps put more gently, it is an area that still benefits greatly from doing the sorts of activities that solo attorneys and small firms do best: networking and supporting the families and businesses in their local communities. Estate planners tend to get much of their business through word of mouth, referrals from existing clients, and involvement in the community by offering seminars or workshops on estate planning. And, of course, from ongoing consultation with current clients and their families who need to manage or update wills, trusts, and other devices.


I'm an Estate Planning Attorney: Do I Need a Website?

Yes. You do. But we would say that, wouldn't we? Let us explain. As all attorneys are discovering, the internet is the new Yellow Pages. Of course in some communities physical phone and business directories are still the resource of choice for some residents—including some of the older residents who may be interested in estate planning services. But it is increasingly common for potential clients of all ages to look up law firms on the web to learn more about them or get contact information, even after receiving great word of mouth referrals.

Moreover, even established, successful estate planning firms will be drawing new clients from younger and younger generations as the years go by. Which means that some sort of internet presence is essential to maintaining a practice into the future.

Some estate planning attorneys therefore request a fairly minimal, affordable law firm website design service package from The Modern Firm. We think of it initially almost as an online business card, with basic information about the firm, its attorneys, and its specific areas of practice and location. Even these basic law firm websites are built to expand, however, in the event the attorneys wish to do more with their sites down the road.

Other estate planning attorneys turn the tables on traditional estate plan marketing, using the internet to reach a wider audience, promote community-based services like seminars, and offer online estate planning resources—including estate planning blogs and articles—to help clients understand why estate planning is important and what to expect from the process.


Welcome The Modern Firm's Newest Michigan Estate Planning Attorney

Today we welcomed another new estate planning website design client—long-time estate planning attorney Julie Jacot of Davison, Michigan. Attorney Jacot has been working for Michiganders for years, providing estate planning, probate law, and probate and trust administration services. She has had a particular focus on working with employees of Michigan's auto industry, including UAW members living in the Flint area.

The Modern Firm team looks forward to helping Ms. Jacot publish her first attorney website!

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