Every year, the Modern Firm’s designers and developers see hundreds of law firm websites. As each year draws to a close, we like to look back and take stock, taking note of the details that make a website distinctive. This moment of reflection not only lets us look back on the year with pride, but fuels inspiration for the year ahead. Here’s what we liked most about the sites we voted as the best law firm websites of 2023.

#20 Julie A. Liberman, Attorney at Law

This law firm website has a striking color scheme and the repeated decorative motif—the script monogram in the logo, echoed in the iron scrollwork in the photos and other visual elements—makes this site look refined and distinguished.

#19 Mobile Legal Services

The billboard image of happy grandparents frolicking with their granddaughter is welcoming and evokes a sense of warmth. It’s a good fit for the firm’s estate planning and elder law practice, as well as geographic area. The homepage has some of the most eye-catching features we saw this year, like the rotating cards on the practice areas. 

#18 Trinity Criminal Law

This website stands out for its design details. The breathtaking homepage photo of a Northern California landscape emphasizes the local nature of the practice. The variety of backgrounds and patterns conveys a sense of confidence, and makes the site feel both professional and approachable.

#17 Robenalt Law

Lawyers tend toward the conservative in their color preferences, so judicious use of a bold color, as with this website, can really help a law firm stand out from the pack online. Paired with clean and simple lines, a strong accent color makes a big impact while maintaining professionalism.

#16 Preston Law Offices

For this class action law firm, carefully-chosen billboard images convey what the firm does, and why it’s important, right out of the gate. Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words, but the few words in this firm’s tagline complement and reinforce the message of the photos.

#15 Syndication Counsel

The website for this niche business practice makes excellent use of icons to communicate the nature of their services. The site’s color scheme pairs conservative navy with a deep persimmon, suggesting both steadiness and modernity; the billboard image of skyscrapers echoes these tones as it draws the eye upward,conveying an impression of growth and success.

#14 Lalak LLC

This employment law firm website reflects a perfect blend of design and function. The site offers valuable, well-written content and offers visitors multiple convenient options for scheduling a consultation. The distinctive hexagon motif featured throughout the site, with the logo at the top of each page mirroring the callout at the bottom, creates a cohesive, put-together effect.

#13 Eric Derleth, Trial Lawyer

The site for this Alaska litigator was designed to emphasize his local ties and knowledge. Accordingly, the site’s design authentically ties the firm to its unique location, from the vibrant landscape photos to the logo design.

#12 Factor Law

Visually striking, with rich, deep colors, this website is both satisfying to look at and easy to use. The site features clear organization and straightforward navigation, with clear, well-written content. 

#11 Wimmer Criminal Defense

This website demonstrates the value of investing in great photography; the professional images subtly communicate an impression of seriousness and success. In the case of this Philadelphia law firm, the photo shoot served to guide color and design choices throughout the site.

#10 Bednarczyk & Valerio, LLP

Many law firm websites deliberately cultivate a tough image; this California family law firm takes a softer approach, which is reflected in every aspect of the site, from the imagery on the homepage to the content throughout. Visitors to the site immediately pick up on the warm, family-friendly culture of the firm.

#9 Welty Law Office

This family law firm’s friendly vibe comes through in the non-traditional color palette, creating a vibrant, welcoming, and fresh energy. The best law firm websites convey the feel of the firm as well as factual details about the practice, and this site succeeds in that. 

#8 Tony S. Kalogerakos, Esq.-Injury Lawyers

This site is a stark contrast to the last two sites mentioned in terms of color and feel, but like them, the design choices get the essence of the firm across. The dark color scheme and high-contrast design together speak to this firm’s attitude and approach. The design of the website also highlights that the firm, established in Illinois, has grown and expanded its reach to Arizona and New York.

#7 Hendrickson Law

This is one of the TMF team’s favorite billboard images. It’s both highly visual and highly tactile, owing to the hand and implied movement—which further drives home the TRUTH and TRUST tagline. This website offers a good example of how a human detail (that hand moving blocks) can sometimes create a human connection more easily than a more conventional image of people or an attorney headshot.

#6 Law Offices of Karen Ware PC

This website design is slightly outside the box for a bankruptcy law firm. It avoids the usual bankruptcy law clichés (e.g., columns and scales, sad people in financial distress, attorneys looking stern with crossed arms) in favor of some visual dynamism that focuses potential clients on the reality that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. In the case of this website, the attorney approached Modern Firm with a solid logo in hand, and TMF was able to develop it into a complete brand.

#5 Walkington Law

This home page offers just the right amount of information—both visually and in the written copy. It's easy to keep reading. The color scheme is bold and professional, and the billboard photo evokes the firm’s brand without explicitly describing it. The clever use of icons below the fold quickly and clearly summarizes practice areas.

#4 Law Offices of Hope Lefeber

This website is a prime example of preserving the traditional visual elements of a law firm website while still modernizing and personalizing that look through the color palette. Traditional, professional, and powerful, but still original. This is another site that is very well organized—and needs to be, because its numerous pages contain valuable content, written in a way that is geared to the attorney’s target audience.

#3 Caravona & Berg 

This was a new website for an established attorney whose previous site was out of date and fell short of communicating the legacy and sophistication of this long-established practice (founded in the early 1970s). The new site makes dramatic use of contrast, especially in the duotone billboard image featuring the attorney in full color against a darker background. The layout is simple and uncluttered, yet complete in its presentation of information. The site is clean and strong, without being overpowering.

#2 NVP Family Law

Several elements set this family law website apart: The billboard image and tagline reinforce each other, and offer reassurance to potential clients seeking help for a stressful and deeply personal legal matter. The firm’s logo likewise communicates a positive path forward and the reality that there is a good outcome at the end of this struggle—and does so while introducing color into the site. The layout is crisp, and the colorful accents do a good job of guiding readers down the page.

#1 North Star Law Group

This homepage was a "fan favorite" in The Modern Firm’s offices this year. It's visually appealing, with color and movement that tie both the branding and name together. The color palette feels rich and solid. The "celestial mapping" motif, especially with the practice areas, gives an expansive feeling of exploration, which is further enhanced by tasteful touches of animation—all of which is on-point for the practice. This is an appealing, well-designed and well-executed website. 

Ready to Rank in 2024?

Many of these law firm websites are quite different from each other, but what they all have in common is successful, multimedia storytelling that communicates who they are and what they do best. This sort of brand- and message-conscious design is what The Modern Firm does best.  When you are ready to upgrade to a higher-functioning website that captures your firm’s unique practice and strengths, we are ready to help.