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Efficient design process saves
time and money

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Content writing services take
work off your plate

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Built in content management lets
you edit and control your website

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Responsive mobile design ensures
readiness for the next generation

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Practical Solutions, No BS

Lawyers at small firms wear many hats; website designer shouldn't be one of them.

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With over 600 sites launched, we know how law firms operate, grow and succeed. Utilizing our practical approach to law firm website design we will create your website while letting you be a lawyer.

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Great service and product

immigrationI've referred many of my colleagues to The Modern Firm because of the great one-on-one service I've always received. Working with the same people throughout the process and the continuity of this relationship afterwards ensures that they understand my objectives and that service/product upgrade requests are completely quickly and the resulting product is right the first time!

Van Doan, Maryland
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Expertise and Hand Holding

hoffmanAs a technophobic attorney, I needed a firm that would not be astonished at what I didn't know how to do and also had the ability to do the things I needed done and explain why I needed them. Everyone associated with The Modern Firm was terrific. They listened to me, offered multiple ways of solving problems, explained everything...

Stephen Hoffman, Illinois
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Extremely helpful

steinbergerI have been a customer of the Modern Firm for several years. They devoloped my web page and heve helped me with SEO marketing and pay for click advertising. The firm has been extremely helpful and I would highly recommend their services.

John A. Steinberger, Michigan
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Everyone at The Modern Firm is here to help you
make the right choices

Having a website created for your law firm can be overwhelming. You want to be a lawyer, and acronyms like HTML, CMS, SEO, TLD, PPC, PHP, SEM and CSS really aren't your thing, nor should they be. You just want a solid website, but with providers ranging from FindLaw® and Martindale-Hubbell® to YellowPages™ to the kid next door it's hard to know whom to trust or if they're doing a good job.

Luckily, we operate just like great lawyers, educating people so they can make informed decisions. Before you even decide to hire us, we'll help make sense of your situation, translate techno-babble into English and determine if we're the best fit for your needs.  We are not the right company for every firm, regardless we'll help point you in the right direction. If you hire us, count on more of the same great service. We continually educate, explain and help our clients make the right choices.

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Beyond websites, The Modern Firm is a small law firm's single source for these essential online services.

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